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Activities & The Workshop




Hancock's Yard

Our activities centre around the Milford Haven Waterway in west Wales, where we have workshops on the historic site in Pembroke Dock, known locally as Hancocks Yard. Ships have been built here since 1804. We have a number of restored vintage sailing craft and  there are several still to be restored. There are plans for building a Tenby Lugger - the boat depicted in our logo.

When we are not working on the boats at our weekly Monday meetings, we are out sailing these craft and endeavouring to engage the interest of the general public and keeping this part of our great heritage  alive.

Image: Final preparations of vessel before launch

Our Workshops - showing Sailing Coble QUEST and Atlantic Challenge Gig INTEGRITE


We organise sailing events, social evenings, lectures, open days and we take part in as many events as possible. Our members are all volunteers and anyone is welcome to join in. Skills associated with the work can be acquired on the job so there are no qualifications needed.



Left to right Flamborough Coble QUEST; Pembroke One Design UNDINE; LV lifeboat GENERAL PICTON


Activist and Tern

Intended replication from original drawings or restoration of a Tenby Lugger