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The Tenby Lugger





Tenby Luggers once sailed the waters of Pembrokeshire from the early 19th Century until as late as the 1950's. These  iconic little boats were once common in Tenby harbour.

They fished , took tourists around the bay in Summer and were the Caldey Island ferries. They were superseded by the bigger Brixham trawlers , who too became obsolete.

The Tenby luggers still took tourists round the bay and across to Caldey , surviving until 1950's in this role . Thus it is very fitting that this vessel, unique to south Pembrokeshire and nowhere else in the UK, has been built to show another aspect of this Counties wonderful maritime heritage.

MITEC and the West Wales Maritime Heritage Society have combined to build and launch the new Lugger which we have named Heritage. She made her maiden voyage to Tenby on Saturday, August 25th. 

Heritage will sail Pembrokeshire waters again and people may even have a chance to sail aboard her.